From the heart of Oaxaca,

Land Mezcal

Made in the Oaxacan Mixteca, Dohba is the result of love for the art of Mezcal and for the family legacies of our mezcaleros.

It is a tribute to our past, to the cultural richness of Mexico and its ancestral drinks.

"El Mezcal es una bebida mística, mágica y afrodisiaca, que despierta el espíritu, estimula la imaginación y hace que el mundo se vea mucho mejor".

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Young Mezcal – Mexican / Papalometl

Sight: steel color, transparent, clean and with good density. On the Nose: It is a fusion of aromas of the Mexican maguey and the papalometl maguey, which results in a highly dense cocktail of herbs and fruits. On the palate:...

Young Mexican

Sight: steel color, transparent, clean and with good density. On the Nose: It is totally herbal, its smell of field herbs is very intense, which is surprising on first inspiration. On the palate: it is very intense, without being aggressive,...


Sight: steel color, clean and with good density. On the nose: it is intense with hints of white flowers and fruits such as green apples and with a delicate smoky touch. In the mouth: it is very expressive, highlighting the...


Appearance: light copper color with hints of cinnamon, transparent with a good amount of glycerol. On the nose: with a complex aroma where vanilla and honey notes stand out and a slight aroma of fresh tobacco. On the palate: it...

The Origin of Dohba

Dohba was born from the magic of Don Manuel González, Maestro Mezcalero,

at Rancho Alfaro in the remote region of Silacayoápam.

The area, known as the Oaxacan Mixteca,

It has the well-deserved prestige of producing the best mezcal in Mexico.

Authentic Artisanal Mezcal

Dohba starts from a deep love and respect for its roots, always seeking to care for the land, its ecosystem and the people who work it.

Made with ripe pineapples of maguey espadín

They mature patiently in the sun for a period that goes from 9 to 12 years. Only ripe pineapples are harvested, giving the fields time to regenerate, maintaining the sustainability of the crop.

100% handmade process

The pineapples are cooked in conical ovens lined with volcanic stones. The grinding is done with heartbreaking using only the heart of the maguey. A handmade process masterfully done by members of the community. 

Artisanal fermentation and distillation

Fermentation in vats of red juniper as tradition dictates, without any type of chemical substance. Double distillation in a sweet copper still, separating tails and heads to obtain a pure and clean mezcal. 

Quality and tradition hand in hand

Quality and tradition merge thanks to the expert work of the community where it comes from, as well as the supervision of the expert Maestro Mezcalero.

Handmade bottle: no two are alike

The sustainable use of 100% natural and recyclable raw materials are some of the cornerstones of the philosophy of this excellent mezcal.

100% Organic, Ecological and Sustainable

Blown Glass Bottle

Bottle made one by one with 100% recycled glass using the BLOWN GLASS technique in the Vidriera de TONALA, State of Jalisco.

Natural Sealing Wax Biodegradable

Biodegradable sealing wax produced with waxes from the Sierra de Cohahuila and resins from the Sierra de Oaxaca.

Mezcal Añejo 2 years – Aged in Oak Barrels (Single-Cask)

Light copper color with cinnamon tones, with a complex aroma on the nose where vanilla and notes of honey and fresh tobacco stand out. On the palate it is warm with notes of cocoa, vanilla and a slight hint of wet straw and oak where it matures.

Young Mezcal – 100% Agave Espadin

Steel in color, transparent, clean and with good density, on the nose it is intense with hints of white flowers and green apple wrapped in a delicate smoky touch. On the palate it is very expressive, with fruity notes standing out, well balanced and with good taste persistence.

Take a sip of this elixir.

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